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Board members have been even worse regarding the county recorder of deeds office. Members of both the Republican and Democratic parties, mostly for political reasons, have been unable to muster enough voters to fold the recorder's office into the clerk's office. While county board members have been wringing their hands over that relatively easy decision, other counties have opted to do what's necessary to preserve scarce tax dollars.

A report by the Chicago-based Better Government Association reveals that 87 of the counties in Illinois have merged the recorder's office with the clerk's office. Three more counties — Cook, Winnebago and McHenry — are in various steps of doing the same thing. But he faces the usual pushback that goes with upsetting the political status quo.

Cronin figures that consolidating the offices in his county, ultimately, could result in eliminating 23 positions through attrition. That's a lot of expense that would be coming off the county's payroll, and that cash could be redeployed more effectively elsewhere. It's the new normal. I don't see boatloads of money coming from Springfield.

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The recorder's office is ripe. They do a fine job. Skip to Main Content. Sign In. I Want To Please call and set up an appointment to look at our resources or to inquire if we have any additional information. Resources include: Building permits - Records from to provide information about date, cost, contractor, owner, and often times the type of construction. Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps - Collection includes maps from , , and The Aurora Township assessor's records date back only to Most of this information can be found on the Township's website, but beware, some of it can be misleading, especially the date of construction which is often times only an estimate.

These records show when the house line was tapped to the city's main water line in the street. Attractions include a gym and exercise events for both kids and adults, face painting, Awakenings Art Studio and of course recycling. Items accepted for reuse, recycling and safe disposal:. No proof of Veteran status is required.

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Bagels and coffee will be provided. I have received several questions from my constituents as to why they received the card. Currently, we have nearly , active voters in the database. Our population is roughly , There has not been a complete voter verification as mandated in a number of years, as evidenced in the high number of registered voters. According to postage expenditures, a full mandatory voter verification may not have been done since We must keep the database current and clean as possible.

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Having an elected official that is passionate, knowledgeable and cares deeply about the job makes all the difference in the world. Kudos Jean Kaczmarek. That freed up a lot of time.

What was done with all that free time? Maybe spend some time preserving our historical documents? Having one party in control for so long the DuPage Republicans have become complacent. Times have changed and we have a new Clerk in town and she is getting the job done.