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However, it is usually possible to find the specific location where the inmate is held, details about visitation rules and availability, and other information about the facility. In many states, any interested citizen may sign up for updates on an inmate. Some states limit availability of the VINE services to victims, next of kin, and witnesses. It was a short ceremony without eulogies. Later, in Washington D.

Congress to compensate Gladys May Chitty for the death of her husband while in performance of his official duties as U.

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As appointees, U. Marshals were not eligible for Civil Service benefits. Mandery, a close friend of Chitty's, was appointed acting U. Marshal for the Western District of Washington by U. District Court Judges John C.

Bowen and Lloyd L Black. Under federal law, the judges in the district were authorized to appoint a successor. Mandery held the position until March when the U. Senate confirmed Herbert W. Algeo, President Franklin D.

He was succeeded as chief deputy by Deputy Marshal Harry E. On Thursday, August, 29, , Cretzer and Kyle were indicted by the federal grand jury in Tacoma for the first-degree murder of Marshal Chitty with the proscribed penalty of life imprisonment or death. The defendants appeared in U. District Court, Tacoma, before Judge Black on September 23, , and both entered pleas of not guilty. While at Alcatraz, Attorney Leo A. Sullivan, who maintained his law office in Oakland, California, had been appointed as counsel for both Cretzer and Kyle.

Greene County (Xenia) OH Jail Booking Details

Sullivan was not in court for the arraignment but advised U. Attorney Joseph Charles Dennis that he would be representing both prisoners.

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On September 30, the defendants were brought into court and Judge Black set the trial date for October 22, before Judge Jeremiah Neterer. Meanwhile, Attorney Sullivan negotiated an agreement with U.


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Attorney Dennis that Cretzer and Kyle would be permitted to plead guilty to a lesser charge. On October 21, , the two defendants withdrew their pleas of not guilty and entered pleas of guilty to second-degree murder. Judge Neterer accepted the plea bargain and sentenced Cretzer and Kyle to life imprisonment.

The prisoners were summarily returned to the Alcatraz Island Penitentiary under heavy guard. Cretzer Prisoner Register No.

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Two other lifers were also involved: Lloyd H. Barkdoll No. Shockley No. They took four employees hostage in a prison workshop, including the Superintendent of Industries, C. Manning, and Captain of the Guards, Paul J.

The convicts first tried to pry the bars off a window with a piece of pipe and then used an electric grinder in an attempt to cut through the tool-proof steel bars. After working for two hours without success, they gave up, released the hostages and surrendered to Captain Madigan. On Thursday, May 2, Advertisement Here, you will find more than just a link to a Department of Corrections website. We give you information about every State Prison and inmate locator links of every facility in every county and every state.

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