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Manor Woods Blog: Is it time for the Town of Greenburgh to end the tax discount enjoyed by condos?

Calandrella in. Dressed in a neon-yellow safety vest, he pulled out a foot-long tape and measured the exterior length and width of the two-story house.

Stepping inside, he counted bedrooms three and bathrooms two and a half , checked the basement and noted it was unfinished, spotted a fireplace and an office in the attic. The computer will calculate a proposed assessment that will then be reviewed by Tyler supervisors and the town assessor. In Scarsdale, Mr.

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Wachs, the homeowner challenging his new bill, used the Freedom of Information law to gain access to assessment reports. He said that of the 29 homes whose records he reviewed, 23, including his own, had their reports altered by the village after the properties had already been examined. The assessor, Nanette J. Whether true or not, many of those owners are seniors and no longer have the incomes they once did.

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Wilkes, a lawyer who is handling appeals for 40 Scarsdale owners. David Bunzel, president of the Heathcote Association, a group of 41 homeowners, said some owners of older properties were being penalized because exceptionally wealthy people had bought houses nearby, torn them down and replaced them with modern mansions.

His purchase of a house along Heathcote Road, which he has renovated significantly, has inflated prices and taxes for his neighbors, some of them said. Feiner, the Greenburgh town supervisor for more than 25 years, said services in the rest of unincorporated Greenburgh would suffer if Edgemont became a village. He predicted that homeowners in a new village of Edgemont would see their property taxes rise as well. Feiner, a Democrat, who is running unopposed on Tuesday.

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Those who favor incorporation say the primary goal is not to save money on taxes. Rather, they want to gain control of land use, planning and budgeting decisions. In February, petitions containing the signatures of Edgemont residents who want to form a village were submitted to the Town of Greenburgh; if accepted, voters in the proposed village would decide whether to incorporate in a referendum.

But in May, Mr. Feiner rejected the petitions, citing discrepancies in the boundaries of the proposed village. Village advocates say it would mirror the borders of a local fire district and closely resemble those of the school district. Feiner also questioned the validity of some of the signatures and the total number needed; state law requires signatures from 20 percent of eligible voters in the proposed village.

A group that favors becoming a village, the Edgemont Incorporation Committee , then sued Mr. What seemed to antagonize Edgemont residents the most, however, was something Mr. Feiner did after the petition was submitted.

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We can rant about the cost of fuel to operate our school buses and rave about saving two dollars a ton on rock salt for our roads, but the greatest share—about 70 percent—of our tax dollar goes for employee salaries and benefits. Are we happy with the services they provide in return for that big check we write? We must worship our kids. Westchester apparently knows no bounds when it comes to spending on our schools.

Last spring, about six months after the U. Good schools cost a lot, we believe, and so we pay the bill. The question lingers, though: What exactly are we paying for? Teachers about 13, of them , plus administrators, nurses, janitors, school bus drivers, band directors, guidance counselors, psychologists, secretaries, business managers, basketball coaches, and more—many, many more. The U.

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There are other major expenses, too, of course. Other than that, the two counties are remarkably similar.

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The cost of living is comparable, too. Their schools had , pupils in ; we had , Yes, but Westchester schools are nationally known.

Westchester County Property Tax Grievance

They have stellar reputations. Or Horace Greeley? Or Edgemont High? But…hold on…so are Fairfax County schools. By most standards, their academic achievements were just as good as ours, if not better. Fairfax students in the class of had an average combined SAT score of This year, the average high school in Westchester scored The four-year graduation rate was the same for both counties: 91 percent, and about the same percentage of students went on to college: 93 percent for Fairfax, 94 percent for Westchester. So what accounts for the difference in the cost of the schools? The pay scales reflect it, too.

When you multiply it times the number of teachers in Westchester, the difference hits your tax bill like a Big Mac hits your waistline. The salary range between beginning teachers and those with more experience and education is tremendous. According to City-Data. The two costliest benefits are health insurance and retirement.

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As in every other sector of our economy, health insurance takes an ever-increasing bite out of school budgets. Taxpayers bear almost the entire burden of health insurance for school employees. Statewide, teachers pay 10 to 13 percent of their insurance premiums. Non-teaching personnel pay a comparable share.

Funding pension plans is a major expense—and a ticking time bomb. When stocks and bonds take a big dip remember ?