How to remove an arrest warrant

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Legal Advice: When you turn Yourself In - Is there an arrest warrant outstanding?

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Can I Clear an Arrest Warrant in a Florida Criminal Case?

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The Complete Guide To Getting Your Bench Warrant Cleared

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Alan's integrity in unquestioned and I highly recommend his services to anyone in need of legal advice or representation. For a warrant related to a felony offense, you usually cannot go through the recall process in criminal court. Your strategy will typically involve voluntary surrender, i. Doing so increases the likelihood of a favorable outcome, as opposed to waiting for law enforcement to arrest you. In some cases, a criminal defense attorney can expedite your case, arrange for bond, and work out an immediate release.

You will likely get a court date a few weeks later to initiate the criminal process.

Removing Warrants

Note that this approach may not work for felony violations of probation, violent crimes, and certain drug offenses. Many people assume that an arrest warrant will simply expire or that the statute of limitations will make the matter go away eventually.

However, this is not the case. A warrant remains on your record until you have it recalled or turn yourself in to authorities. This means that police can arrest you during any type of encounter, including a routine traffic stop or when detaining you for another reason. Police in another state may even pick up the arrest warrant, so it does follow you outside Florida. There are advantages to resolving it on your own, as the court may view your actions as accepting responsibility.

The clerk should still be able to inform you of an outstanding arrest warrant, even if he or she cannot give you more detailed information about the underlying action. If you call the court from your personal telephone, the police may be able to find and arrest you by tracking your location or other identifying information from the call. If you are nervous about calling the court yourself, ask someone else to call on your behalf.

The NCIC maintains an index of information, including active arrest warrants, used by all law enforcement agencies.

Clear an Arrest Warrant

Use a non-government web service. Some private, non-government websites offer to do a warrant search for you. Treat these these services as a last resort. Speak with a police officer. If you suspect you have a warrant out for your arrest and are prepared to be taken into custody, simply ask a police officer about the warrant. A police officer can access warrant databases and search for an outstanding warrant. Address the issue immediately. Even if police are not actively searching for you, you could be placed under arrest during a routine traffic stop. Hire an attorney. If your warrant was issued because of a serious crime as opposed to, for example, unpaid parking tickets , you should strongly consider contacting a criminal defense attorney. An attorney can explain the charges against you and can contact the court on your behalf to schedule a new hearing.

Ask friends or family for referrals for a trusted defense attorney. Or you can ask an attorney who does not practice criminal defense but knows a trusted colleague who does. You can also access referral services through your state and local bar associations, or search online or in the phone book. If you cannot afford a lawyer, contact the public defender's office of the county where your warrant was issued.

Ask to speak with the duty attorney and explain that you have a warrant out for your arrest that you would like to resolve.