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Hi I am performing a ceremony in Monterey Ca… the couple are residents of Minnesota.. Ca or Minnesota? Hello Marie. The marriage license will be obtained in California as that is where the event will take place. Hello, my fiance an I both live in Ohio and will be married in Kentucky. After getting a marriage license and performing the ceremony in Kentucky, do we need to inform Ohio of our marriage? If so, what is the process of doing so?

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More than likely, there is nothing you need to do as far as notifying the state specifically about your marriage. I will not be changing my last name. So will i have to rwport to anyone when we get back? Also we have signed and notirized a form as far as our assets and debt if something would happen to us. Thank you for your question, and congratulations. While you may not be changing your name after getting married, you will still need to file the marriage license in the state where you currently live.

This will ensure that your marriage is officially recorded, and that you and your spouse will have all the legal rights associated with the marriage.

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You may also wish to notify your banks, credit card companies, insurance companies, etc. Best wishes on your upcoming ceremony. Hello Dustin. You will need to apply for your marriage license in the area in which the ceremony will take place. I got my marriage license in St Clair county Michigan but married in Wayne county michigan. Is my marriage valid? Hello Jessi. Clair County and also in Wayne County for an accurate answer to your question.

Me and my husband are married in one state my husband goes to a different state and gets married how do I or the state find out that he is already previously married. If someone is legally married, that marriage should be a matter of public record so you may be able to find your answer through a public records search. Is my marriage not valid if the license is for Virginia but actually got married in West Virginia. Hello Greg. If you get married in another state when it was legalized there but not in Texas is that liicence good in Texas.

Hello Theresa. The marriage license is the document you apply for that allows you to get legally married in a particular location.

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The marriage certificate is the document that records and verifies that the marriage took place. If you were married in one state, it should be recognized in other states. But, if you need verification, you can always contact the state of Texas. Hello Cory. I am not sure I understand your question. You apply for your marriage license before you get married…it is the document that allows you to legally get married. After you get married, you get your marriage certificate which serves as proof that you did get married.

There is nothing you need to transfer from one state to another with regard to your marriage certificate. My wife and I are going through a dissolution of marriage. I am curious if because we got our marriage license in North Dakota, but then lied and said our ceremony was also in North Dakota. When the ceremony was actually held in Montana. Ford this make our marriage null and void?

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Meaning we were never actually legally married? Hello Chance. Thanks for reaching out but your question is on that would be best answered by an attorney who is familiar with the laws in that area. Hello Michelle. It is more than likely that you would not be able to remarry in the state of Colorado if you are still married to your ex. In November 1, Virginia Howe December 27, Hanne A December 28, Cheiron Putnam January 9, Larissa January 9, ADAM January 13, Larissa January 14, Debbie Montgomery January 17, Larissa January 18, Bobbie McDermitt January 25, Larissa January 28, Larissa February 4, Robert February 16, Larissa February 19, Tamika February 21, Larissa February 22, Larissa March 1, Alysha March 16, Larissa March 18, Tammy S Perez March 21, Larissa March 22, Jasmine B March 22, Al April 17, Larissa April 18, Joe April 30, Larissa April 30, Stacy May 7, Larissa May 8, Larissa May 9, Layla June 6, Larissa June 6, Seante Lee eady June 19, Larissa June 20, Marie San Paolo July 30, Larissa July 31, J August 13, Larissa August 14, Leslie August 20, Hanne A August 21, Dustin August 23, Larissa August 26, Jessi Parker September 6, Larissa September 9, Ishimoto Waialae Ave.

B Honolulu, Hi Cell In order to obtain a copy of your official Hawaii marriage certificate you will need to contact the Hawaii Department of Health. There you can order copies of your Hawaii marriage certificate online. Visit the Hawaii Department of Health website 2. Request to order a copy of a certified marriage certificate 3. Fill out the online form from the Vital Records department 4. Receive your Hawaii marriage certificate copy in a few weeks. How can I correct my marriage certificate.

I signed my maiden name instead of my married last name. In order to correct an incorrect Hawaii marriage record, you will want to contact the Hawaii State Department of Health. You can email them or call them to inquire about how to go about doing this. For your convenience we have provided you with the contact information below. My daughter and son-in-law recently told me the minister who married them never had them sign any documents after the wedding — how can we be sure they are legally married? Your best option to finding out about your Hawaii marriage records and the legitimacy of your Hawaii marriage license, you should reach out to the Hawaii State Department of Health.

They are the managing state agency in Hawaii for marriage records, birth and death records. In order to receive a certified copy of a Hawaii marriage license you will need to visit the Hawaii Department of Health website. There you can obtain an official copy of your Hawaii marriage certificate by ordering online. Visit the Hawaii State Department of Health website 2. Fill out the required vital records request form 3. Select your relationship to the bride or groom 4. Pick it up in person or have it mailed to you. Please be aware that the information obtained using SearchQuarry. Data availability is largely dependent on various public sources from which the information is aggregated.

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