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If you have any questions, please see the Help Section or contact us. Back to Search Steps. You must have or qualify for a CDL. Department of Homeland Security, administers the threat assessment. TSA rules require that you apply at least 30 days before you license is due to expire. For more information on the federal regulations, including a list of disqualifying offenses, visit the Transportation Security Administration Website.

Minnesota Commercial Driver's Manual. I have an HME, but I do not use it, are fingerprints required? If you wish, you can drop the endorsement when you apply for another license by submitting a written, signed statement. If you want to keep the endorsement, fingerprints are required before renewal.

How much will the threat assessment cost? The fee established by federal rule appears on the Transportation Security Administration Website Can I have fingerprints taken at my local law enforcement office? No, an authorized TSA agent must collect your fingerprints.

What happens if I am not fingerprinted at least 30 days before my CDL expires? That means that you will not be able to transport Hazardous Material loads in the meantime.

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I have a restricted seasonal farm CDL. Do I have to be fingerprinted? No, only drivers who have or who are required to have an HME must be fingerprinted. I only have a CDL instruction permit.


Can I be fingerprinted now or do I have to wait until I've passed the road test? You can be fingerprinted now. The sooner you start the process, the better. What if I didn't get a renewal notice? A renewal notice is mailed at least 60 days before expiration to the address on your CDL.

Hazardous Materials Endorsements

Even if you don't receive the notice, you are still required to renew your CDL and comply with state and federal regulations. Remember, if you move, the law requires you to apply for a duplicate license select Class then prompted to select Get Duplicate within 30 days that displays your change of address. How early can I renew?

Top 10 Reasons Security Clearance Applications are Rejected

Federal laws enforced by the Transportation Security Administration TSA require commercial drivers who haul hazardous materials to undergo a fingerprint-based Security Threat Assessment. All persons who apply for, or renew, a hazardous materials endorsement must be fingerprinted, pass the required background check and present proof of residency prior to receiving the endorsement. See Commercial Driver License.

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You may not take the Hazardous Materials knowledge test until after you have been approved by the TSA. To hold a Hazardous Materials endorsement, a driver must be age 21 or older, a U.

U.S. Patriot Act - Hazmat Requirements - Division of Motor Vehicles

If you completed the background check in your prior state, please bring your TSA approval letter to transfer the endorsement. Credit cards and electronic checks are accepted for payment. The applicant or the applicant's employer is responsible for payment of the background check fees.

TSA does not accept paper applications. You must apply by Internet or telephone. Enrollment centers accept checks, money orders, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover credit cards, but not cash.

No change or refunds will be given. You must complete the Transportation Security Administration application and hold a commercial driver license or instruction permit before visiting a Fingerprinting Agent. At the time of fingerprinting, you must present one form of primary identification or two forms of secondary identification, one of which must be your CDL or instruction permit. Fingerprints taken by law enforcement or through a private vendor will not be accepted. Visit the Universal Enrollment Center Locator for locations.

If you are traveling through other states, you may go to any authorized center for fingerprinting.

How do I apply for the background record check?

There is no grace period. Results should be received from the TSA via U. Please do not contact the DMV if you do not receive your results. To check your status, call TSA at Information will be given to the applicant only and will not include any information on the screening results. Once the TSA has approved your fingerprint check, you may take the Hazardous Materials knowledge test and receive the endorsement.

An individual applying for issuance or renewal of a Hazmat endorsement must be a U. Federal regulations require proof of status be submitted to DMV at the time of your application for the Hazmat endorsement.