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Your birth certificate bond is usually worth a minimum of million dollars. Yours faithfully,. Child's Birth Certificate 5. Individual people don't have to find two qualified guarantors to complete their own Private Registered Indemnity Bond just two Witnesses. Every citizen is given a number the red number on the Birth Certificate and each live birth is valued at from , to , Federal Reserve dollars in collateral from the Fed.

Some internet sites even offer to sell videos, webinars, and coaching on how to do this. The birth certificate bond people have the Truth. A strawman is created to be used in all legal, and financial matters. The Birth Certificate Bond Explained. In other words, if you intend to cancel the birth certificate, the only way of guaranteeing cancellation is to go through the courts otherwise your paperwork will probably be ignored by the gov. Follow the instructions for requesting copies and paying fees. It is a security instrument. What to bring with you. The odds are that you have one: a birth certificate.

What varies is the amount of information it contains. This is a toxic fallout from fractional banking where credit is king. Application for Birth Certificate Page 3 of 3. How to obtain copies of vital records such as a birth certificate, birth record, death record, marriage license, marriage record, divorce decree, probate record or naturalization record in Illinois counties.

If you are a parent or guardian, you must bring a birth certificate or other identification materials if you wish to cash the bond for your child. We are a group of knowledgeable individuals with a passion to spread wisdom with others. Best Viewed on Internet Explorer Ver. Through some trickery and deception, the baby becomes the surety which guarantees the payback of the bond. Would you be surprised to know that you are traded as collateral on the New York Stock Exchange by way of your birth certificate?

Your birth documentation should be straightforward and transparent, however it soon becomes the most complex and secretive paper trail imaginable.

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As interest rates rise, bond prices usually fall, and vice versa. A bond is an I. Firstly, let me explain what the Bond is and how it is created. Make checks or money orders payable to: The State Health Department.

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As part of statewide efforts to prevent identity theft, California law requires this office to issue different types of certified copies: 2 authorized and informational. A birth certificate however, cannot be used to obtain money. SEX 4. Certificate of Live Birth No. They will get them with interest charged periodically.

Birth / Death Certificates

I don't know if this is true but its worth investigating don't you think? It is always purchased by the same corporation, the Federal Reserve Bank. Treasury Direct The government give to your parents the Birth Certificate, which the parents use to establish that you are the required age for whatever is occuring, for example, to establish your school age, etc. There is no refund if the certificate is not found. You can call Social Security at to discuss your concerns with a representative.

Statutory Declaration marriage is still in effect 6. You'll need to show the child's birth certificate, as well as proof of legal custody or that the child resides with you. If so what is the vlue that the goverment places on our Birth Certificate. After notifying Fidelity, you can help ensure a smoother and more The only document you need to submit an application for a birth certificate is a copy of your photo ID. Find what you need to request a birth or death certificate from the County Clerk's Vital Statistics Department.

How to Get a New Birth Certificate in Georgia

Babies don't come home from the hospital with birth certificates. The Department of Vital Records maintains a record of all birth certificate numbers issued in the state. I took a string of numbers I found on my birth certificate into a. Type in your Birth Number on the Birth Certificate with the dashes e. So each of the documents has a specific use. Failure to do so will A birth certificate is an official, certified copy of the birth registration details held by Births, Deaths and Marriages. It's better if you can find two such guarantors, but the process can be done one by one, with a couple living witnesses.

This effect is usually more pronounced for longer-term securities. Enclosed, the undersigned, John Henry Doe, herewith accepts for value the enclosed Bond, Certificate of Live Birth Number , and all endorsements front and back, being the only legitimate acceptor of said Bond being the only party to have put any value into said Bond, being the contributing beneficiary of the same. These bonds are collateralized by your birth certificate which becomes a negotiable instrument. All of us are considered to be bastard children with the government company, United States Corporation of America as your daddy.

Once both of these actions occur, the federal government releases the Certificate of Live Birth announcing the creation of a new revenue source. Yes, because your Birth Certificate is actually a receipt for the Bond. What does it Tell us? All of these birth certificate bond sites remind me of that sect.

How to Apostille a New York City Birth Certificate with exemplification letter

Welcom to Secure Creditor! Wipe out all debt, court cases, tax issues, with the power of your birth certificate. Uncertainties A lost birth certificate can be a problem if you happen to be in the process of applying for a US passport, joining the military, applying for certain benefits and enrolling in school. Treasury Direct also provides a statement that the parent must copy and sign on the back of the bond, giving the minor's age and stating the minor is not able to understand the transaction.

Is your birth certificate being worth money true? Enter your comment here Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Category: Certificate Tags: birth certificate a bond, birth certificate copy, birth certificate correction, birth certificate florida, birth certificate for passport, birth certificate kansas phone number, birth certificate maryland, birth certificate n stadium dr, birth certificate place near me, birth certificate reference number, birth Disclaimer: The content available on the website is provided by Pune Municipal Corporation and all the information available on this website is authentic.

So i take it they mean a bond. However, if any other name is there, then the document is not a birth certificate but instead is the creation of a strawman masquerading as James Martin. The bankers who control the world invest that Birth Certificate bond into the Financial Markets, and its value increases everyday.

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  5. Top 12 Steps to Reclaim Your Estate — Birthright Citizenship vs Corporate Slave Citizenship That title was causing a lot of confusion so we needed to clear it up somehow-- This article would more accurately be called "Twelve Rebuttals". Form Imm. How to Get a Birth Certificate for a Newborn. Louisiana is a "closed record" state. I work in the financial sector in my day job, and I come into contact with a broad slice of the general public on a daily basis. Contacting the local Department of Vital Records is the best way to determine a birth certificate number if the original copy of the certificate isn't available or if the number can't be identified.

    Click on Quote. If you have access to your original certificate, it should have fairly ornate designs around the outer edge and also have "watermarks" on it. Birth and marriage certificates are a form of securities called "warehouse receipts.

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    This can be sent to parents who inquire about moving here or will not be in Tallahassee until later in the A certificate is a "paper establishing an ownership claim. There is only one size of birth certificate. If such evidence is The California Educational Facilities Authority CEFA requests borrowers to use the below model bond documents for investment grade rated transactions. When mums apply for a birth certificate, the application is registered. Georgia Tobacco Tax Stamp Bond Birth certificate template 31 free word pdf psd format college graduate sample resume examples of a Second, the Birth Certificate is a Bondliterally.

    In Canada the number is 12 digits long. Once you are ready to get started, you will find that our application assistance services are comprehensive, secure, and easy to follow. We'll immediately limit all access to the deceased's accounts, providing added peace of mind as you plan the next steps. Hospitals do not produce Certificates of Birth Resulting in Stillbirth. The City Clerk is the official record keeper for the City of Cambridge. The bond is held in trust for the Feds at the Depository Trust Corporation.

    Records kept by the Office of the City Clerk include vital statistics including birth, marriage, domestic partnerships and death and business and professional certificates.