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Once the police have left your premises they would not be permitted to return to affect another search later. There are circumstances in which the police have not searched premises at the time of arrest but are subsequently conferred powers which enables them to do so under s18 PACE.

This will happen whilst the person who has been arrested is still at the police station. If that criteria is made out the police may seize and retain anything relevant and this power to search is only a power to search to the extent that is reasonably required for the purpose of discovering such evidence. Finally only an inspector can authorise the use of such powers on the criteria above so the investigating officer cannot simply decide to execute such searches after arrest.

There are exceptions to the rule above in particular circumstances as set out under S. The main power for entry and search is contained within S. Should a warrant be properly prepared in accordance with S. Premises includes, and this is not an exhaustive list, vehicles and tents or other moveable structures. Having obtained the warrant it must be executed within 3 months and usually at a reasonable hour. The officers intending to conduct the search must be in uniform or have their warrant cards on their person and must produce a copy of the search warrant.

Where no one is present a copy of the warrant must be left in the premises after the search. During the search, the police may seize and retain items that have been obtained in the commission of an offence, or where an item is evidence in connection with an offence and to prevent it being concealed, lost, altered or destroyed.

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There are similar powers within other statutes including s23 of the Misuse of Drugs Act and s42 Terrorism Act but the powers above are the most prevalent. See all. By ticking the following box I am giving Hodge Jones and Allen consent to process my personal data for the purpose of this enquiry. How Do I fight a traffic ticket? Why would they want to search my car? Police search cars for many reasons that include but are not limited to searching for: Drugs Firearms Drug Paraphernalia Police search cars with the intent to protect themselves and citizens.

When Can the Police Search My Car?

If the citizen is asked by a police officer to search their car, the police officer may search the car only if: The citizen gives the police officer consent; The police officer has probable cause; The officer believes they need to search the vehicle for their own protection; or You have been arrested and searching your vehicle is related to the reason for the arrest. Why would they want to search my house? McMullin Legal Group. Love the honesty. It's tough after you've been injured in an accident.

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