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The truth is, you can feel lonely anywhere, anytime. The best way out of a loneliness vortex is to start small with some simple social interactions.

Try making small talk with the cashier at the supermarket or sending a text to a friend. Yep, it might feel super awks at first, but these small interactions can help you feel less alone and isolated.

What are you into: video games, music, books? Joining a club is an awesome way to meet and connect with like-minded people. Another option is Meetup. It brings together people who enjoy similar things or activities, whether that be fitness, photography, tech or, well … pretty much anything.

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Ok, so exercise is great for keeping you less stressed and well, but have you thought about it as a way to meet new people? You could join an exercise class, take up a competitive sport or head to your local gym. Talking to people online is a great way to battle loneliness, as it allows you to stay in a comfortable, safe space such as your own room and still make contact with the outside world.

While sometimes it can be a mission to dodge the trolls and haters, a little searching should uncover an online haven filled with your kind of people. Check them out here.

How to Deal with Loneliness

Try to challenge yourself to get out and socialise at least once a week. Grab a good book, the morning crossword, a sports mag or even just your Reddit feed and head to a local spot. You don't have to get too creative, just find somewhere you're comfortable chilling out for an hour. It might be a local cafe, a dog park, a gallery or the nearest beach. The first few times flying solo can feel a little awkward.

Loneliness & Finding it hard to make friends - GIRL TALK Q&A

You might even worry that people are judging you - but we promise they're not. A regular hang spot can also help you to meet new people. Writing is a great way to battle loneliness, as it helps you to clarify your thoughts, process your emotions and get to know yourself better.

You could try a journalling app such as Day One. Now I wonder if I was just a passing distraction: someone who, at first glimpse, he thought might have been able to save him from himself. In offering my friendship, I have always felt like the beggar woman from Beauty and the Beast , pleading whoever opens the door to look beyond the gnarled flesh and rags and not turn me away dismissively once they find a lover. After a journey of Tolkien proportions, I managed to find — and keep — two gay friends. In the beginning, I feared these friendships may evaporate or wear away into threadbare rag.

Time has taught me to expect everything and nothing, and simply to enjoy the times we are together.

10 things to do if you're feeling lonely

The desire to love and be loved is unequivocally paramount to human existence. But the belief that romantic relationships are the only ones worth fostering is a dangerous delusion that can only make the lonely even more alone.

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