Grand theft auto san andreas cars locations

I will include The best places to find them. I wrote this stoned so if you dont understand this that well contact me. Sections: -Cars -Bikes -Boats -Aircraft -Special The parked location is where you will almost always find the car parked. The spawn location is the area where the car is most likely to be seen driving by.

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Info: Good car very reliable. Always there when you want it. Info: Nice car. Not the fastest but all arond savior for those police chases. Baggage Handler Info: Very good sports car. Fast and good handling. Info: Sporty low rider. Blista Compact Info: Nice Car Good when modded. Bloodring Banger Info: Destruction Derby Car. Can take loads of damage.

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Spawn Locations Info: Ok car not the best. Can take moderate damage. Info: Pimp, Pimp Horray. This car is one of the best for cruising in.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas – Top 10 Rare Car Locations

Info: Low rider Muscle Car similar to the Remington. Info: Fast Muscle Car, Good for a nice high speed chase. Info: GT Sports Car. Very Fast. Info: Boring old Taxi Cab. Info: 2 Door sedan average speed and damage. Info: Fast Sports Car. Info: Fast Muscle car good when modded. Info: Volkswagon Golf really. It spawns when she's home in her driveway. Info: 4 Door sedan kind of classy. Info: 2 Door sports car.

Info: They're little two door open top convertibles. The southeast part of the southwest. In a parking lot of a motel. Info: There is two versions of this car. This is the normal one.

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The way you tell them apart is that this one is not damaged and the ghost car one is. Go to section V. Info: 4 door sedan Good for drive bys just for that extra feeling. Info: Mexican Muscle Car. Hotring Racer Info: Hotring racer is very fast but cannot take a lot of damage.

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Info: Small 2 door muscle car. Info: 2 door sedan. Info: 2 door sports car. Info: Nebula is a 4 door sedan with average damage and average speed. Looks interesting after modded.

GTA San Andreas: All Main Secret Cars.

Parked Locations: Spawn Locations Info: Old station wagon. Info: Very Good Muscle Car. Once you get out of the car a timer starts. Just wait for the time to run out, Exit the race tournament screen and go to your garage and theres your newly acqiured sports car. Info: Small 2 door sedan. Nothing special just another get from A to B Car. Info: Bulky Low Rider. Info: A herse just plain and simple. Info: Powerful Muscle Car 2 doors.

Info: The king of the sands is back. Info: 4 door sedan average speed and damage. The doors are usually locked so shoot the car till it blows up, go around the block and when you come back the car will be as good as new and the doors will be unlocked. Info: Small muscle car but powerful. Info: Stretch Limo. Info: 4 Door sports car. Super GT Info: An airport based vehicle that attatches to the front wheel of an airliner and pulls it around small areas, or areas where the jet engines shouldn't be used. Info: Sporty Coupe kinda car. Info: 4 door sedan. Info: Windsor looks like a old Corvette, like a s one. Berkley Van Boxville Black Info: Black Version of the Boxville Can use for burglary missions.

Info: Sporty Van. Quite fast and can take a good amount of damage. Info: Hippy Van. Chilliad Spawn Locations Info: A hotdog van.

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Info: Camper Van. Sluggish at times. Info: Monster Truck. It spawns when she's home next to her garage. Info: Ice Cream Truck. This seams to be very rare. News Van Info: Small and sluggish van. Info: Bulky Van Not very fast and can take moderate damage. Info: Street Sweeper. Tow Truck Info: Tow Truck that can Utility Van Info: Bulky Delivery Van.

Info: Huge Pickup Truck, Can not be modded. Brown Streak Info: Passenger Train. Wait at a train station and one usually appears within 20 seconds. Info: Can Hold a maximum of 7 people. Info: Small flatbed truck. Road Train Info: Huge Truck. Info: Security Car.

Info: Garbage Truck. Info: Desert Dune kind of car. BF Injection Info: Beach Car Very Fast and good for running people over with. Info: Golf Caddy. Combine Harvester Info: Combine harvester Info: Hugh Dumptruck used in mines and coal places. Lawn Mower Info: Quadbike can wheelie and stoppie. Info: Just a 90's style bike nothing flashy.