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While KBB, Edmund, and NADA give you estimated values, we actually compare the car you are looking at to other vehicles that have been sold and are for sale to give you the most accurate used car value available! VINDecoded works great in conjunction with car gurus, Truecar, Carmax, Autolist, and more to run a car compare report.

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How to Read a VIN (Vehicle Identification Number)

Copart — Salvage Car Auctions. Started by guywithuglyyota Chit Chat Camp. Started by toyojo86 Parts For Sale. Started by toywthbdydmge Parts For Sale. Started by grumpy1 netptc. I have found a few online but nothing that gave real complete information. If you still have control you aren't going fast enough. Ok if you go to 4x4wire. Does this help? EDIT: have you tried this? Quote from: 79toy on Feb 07, , PM.

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There's one on 4x4wire somwhere in the Toyota section. Quote from: no-idea on Feb 09, , AM.

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It was cool to find out the Runner was built in Tahara, Japan. Paul Acosta: In work, In play, In life, a friend forever No matter how far you fall, the ground will always catch you.

How to check car vin code or identification number code Toyota Camry

Quote from: 79coyotefrg on Feb 11, , PM. On early models there should be a VIN tag that will tell you almost anything you need to know, at least my chevy's did. I had a 66 Chevelle the VIN tag told told me that it was a coupe and should have a engine, hydroglide trans and it was originally painted forest green.

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Not only that it will even tell you the month and week it was built. Looking at the vehicle comfirmed these few listed items, it came with split buckets and a center shift console with the dual bar lever, had no window frames, just not having window frames in itself denotes that it is a coupe, which is the platform a SS is made from.

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It's been a long time since I was into retro cars and would really have to bone-up on the codes within the tags but I was able to narrow down what I had by that tag. Not all the info on old cars came within the VIN itself so you have to read and decifer those extra numbers and letters on the tag that don't have anything to do with the VIN itself.

My Chevy Elcamino told me it was a SS with a 4 speed,color was black and it was a stripe delete. Sadly when I got it the and the trans were long gone. Quote from: no-idea on Feb 12, , AM. Thats pretty much from 2nd gen PU's, 4runners, and FJ60's and later.