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A: If either applicant has been previously married, the exact date of the last divorce, death, or annulment must be provided. In some counties, proof of how the last marriage terminated must be present e. Q: For how long are marriage licenses valid? They must be returned to the Clerk's Office where they were issued within 10 days after the marriage is performed. Q: Who can officiate my wedding? To find a regularly-updated list of officiants available to perform weddings, click here. Q: What if my county courthouse will not perform my wedding ceremony?

If your county courthouse has stopped performing marriages for all couples, both same-sex and opposite-sex, or if your county refuses to perform marriages only for same-sex couples, you should contact us immediately at As noted above, there are a variety of people who can officiate weddings in the state and you can be married in a different county than the county that issued your marriage license.

Q: What if the clerk at my county turns me away or is not ready to issue licenses to same-sex couples as soon as the stay expires? A: All clerks are legally obligated to stop enforcing the ban on marriage for same-sex couples that a federal court has held as unconstitutional. On January 1st, , Judge Hinkle confirmed his original ruling as binding statewide on all 67 Clerks in Florida.

Marriage Licenses

If your county clerk will not provide you a license, you can go to another Florida County to get a license. Q: If I so choose, how do I legally change my name? A: The State of Florida should now honor the use of out-of-state marriage certificates and Florida marriage certificates in order to legally change your name on your driver's license and Social Security card, so you can bring your marriage certificate to your local DMV office and local Social Security office starting January 6th. Q: Will my marriage impact my eligibility to receive social services based on income?

A: Possibly. You should take some time to consider what impact your new household income may have in the determination of eligibility for access to various social service programs such as Medicaid, Ryan White, tax subsidies available through Affordable Care Act Marketplace health plans, and other programs. You should also consider your liabilities as a couple: student loans, credit card debt, judgements, etc.

For more specific information regarding your situation, you may want to consult a lawyer or financial advisor. Q: What are my rights with respect to my partner's children? A: Being married doesn't automatically give you parental rights for your spouse's child. If your spouse has children already, and you and your spouse wish to exercise co-parental rights over the children, you need a stepparent adoption to obtain those rights.

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If you are married and planning to have children, you will benefit from a legal presumption that you are the legal parent of that child born into the marriage. However, the consensus among attorneys and activists doing legal work with LGBT families is that this presumption could be challenged in court in the event the marriage is dissolved. It is prudent to take the legal steps necessary to obtain legal recognition of the joint desire to co-parent the children born during the marriage and do a second parent adoption, which we also refer to as a confirmatory adoption since it is confirming the parental rights which ought to exist.

Click here for information if you are already married in another jurisdiction. Marriage Frequently Asked Questions. Marriage home. Check back frequently for updates! Citizen Q: Can my partner and I get married the same day that we apply for a license? Online Pre-Marital Course.

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Recently Married in Florida? Let Us Know! Report Courthouse Discrimination. Things to Consider after you Marry. First Responders: Sign an amicus brief in support of marriage to the 11th Circu…. County by County Marriage Updates. All Upcoming Events Broward Gala. Jacksonville Equality Connection.

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General Marriage License Questions Who may apply for a marriage license? Is there a waiting period for issuance of the license? Who are the approved providers of the marriage class in Polk County? Are blood tests and physical exams required? Are there any other requirements? Must I apply for a marriage license in the county where I live?

Where can I apply for a marriage license in Polk County?

How long is a marriage license valid once it is issued? Who may perform marriage ceremonies? Who is a "regularly ordained minister"? May a marriage be solemnized without a license? When and who should return the license to the Clerk? Can I be married in the Clerk's office? What is the fee for a marriage license? Can I pay for a marriage license with a personal check?

Your nearest Social Security office. Your voter's registration office.

Requirements for minors under 16 years old (one or both applicants):

Military Reserve commanding officer. Beneficiaries: Members of your family are probably named as beneficiaries or joint owners on many of these documents bank accounts, insurance policies, employment benefits, etc. Both parties must be at least 18 years of age. Florida law exception: if the person is at least 17, has parental consent, and the older party to the marriage is not more than 2 years older than the younger party to the marriage.

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  • Requirements for minors 17 years old (one or both applicants):;
  • The law requiring these tests was abolished October 1, Yes, the law requires applicants to have read the Marriage Handbook and affirm that they have read it when applying for a marriage license. Both applicants must appear with valid I. You will need to know your Social Security Number. No, a marriage license may be applied for and solemnized in any Florida county.