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If the decree was entered in MN and your daughter still lives here, the MN child support statute will apply. As for underemployment, this is a fact question and you would need to request her tax returns, pay stubs, and bank records in discovery. The statute allows for support to be based upon I'm representing myself. We were given dates to choose from, they picked next week because it fit around her work schedule, I declined due to my work schedule and her lawyer then emailed me requesting my work name address and phone number to prove my work schedule.

The lawyer can request, but you do not have to provide. That said, unless it would impact your work relationship or jeopardize your job, it may be simplest to give the information. At minimum, you should provide alternative times that WILL work for you for mediation. Paid support for 17 years.

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Child recently dropped out of highschool, and left mother's home to live in parts unknown in Minneapolis. Minnesota law defines "child" for the purposes of support as "an individual under 18 years of age, an individual under age 20 who is still attending secondary school, or an individual who, by reason of physical or mental condition, is incapable of self-support.

Child support in Minnesota is set by statute. If you google Minnesota Child Support Calculator, you can input your information and get a presumptive child support amount. The court can deviate, but needs to explain why if it does so. Basic child support is meant to be a contribution to basic Husband has contempt hearing coming up lost his job and was unable to pay for the past year now has part time work and we can make at least two payments before court but his job will fire him if he goes to jail for this hearing how can we avoid jail time he tried for custody of the kids and lost Holding someone in contempt involves a two-stage process.

In the initial hearing, the court will attempt to ascertain why the payments were not made. If the party has a valid excuse, to the satisfaction of the court, no contempt should be found.

How to Split Expenses for Kids in a Divorce

For the hearing, you will want to gather all My husband moved from our house straight in with his mistress. I was a stay at home mom and he is a contractor. There are no guarantees, but generally judges recognize that self-employed people are able to hide income. A lot of claimed expenses may be added back. The court will look at his prior income as well as what he is now making.

If his mistress contributes to the household expenses, that lowers You cannot directly get child support; one of your parents can get child support on your behalf.

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If you live with your mother, she could seek child support from your dad by going to court. Generally, child support ends when your child BOTH turns 18 and is out of secondary school. If still in secondary school, child support can continue until age There are two children, under the support order, one of which is 18 as of January and will graduate June When contacted about how the order and amount being paid for support will change due to one child turning 18, the case worker says in Minnesota, the support order If the child support order does not provide a specific amount for each child, then upon the emancipation of each child the child support obligor must bring a motion to modify the child support on the basis of emancipation of a child pursuant to Minn.

If my daughter was supposed to graduate last year and she didn't and also I have a son who will turn 18 next year, is there something I can do to have the court stop the support now for my 19 yr daughter and next year when my son turns 18? It depends upon what your Judgment and Decree states relative to this issue.

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My ex wife is living on her own while my child is living with my ex in laws. I'm currently trying to get full custody. My ex in laws asked if could buy some new clothes for my child because they didn't have the money. My ex is keeping all the child support and nothing is going to her In your quest for Custody, you also need to ask the court to terminate any child support payable to your X and also a request that your X pay you child support. That should take care of the problem. He enrolled her in school and hour and a half away from me and took her away from all her mental health supports.

How old is your daughter?

What is my Child Support Obligation?

He has no right to do what he did if you have full physical custody; however depending upon your daughter's age and the circumstances as to why she left, will impact on what the court will do in this situation. You should hire an experienced family law attorney to assist Mom makes more than Dad.

Dad had to quit job to watch kids that are under his care because Support money made it impossible to pay for daycare. Support isn't being used for caring for daughter, she's never wearing shoes that fit, her hygiene is questionable.. Also daughter will be with dad full A substantial change in financial circumstances can be a basis to change a child support obligation. I would need to know much more to give you a complete answer.

You would need to bring a motion in order to lower support unless your X agreed. Modification can be made by court approved agreement or by the court after hearing. The obligor in this instance should seek advice to determine if the obligation could be modified based upon the new circumstances.

Since every dollar saved or paid is an "after tax" or "net" dollar, modification should be sought as soon as significant change in circumstances occurs. Can I seek more child support? How do I know if my-ex's financial circumstances have improved? The court will compare the gross incomes of you and the ex obligor at the time of the prior order with your respective current gross incomes.

Income and Child Support in Minnesota: What You Need to Know

The obligor has an obligation to supply the return to the obligee within 30 days of the request. This request can be made every two years. If you do not receive cooperation, both parties are required to file financial documentation with the court to establish their present earnings. Question: What do I have to prove in order to modify my current child support? Answer: To determine if a child support obligation is modifiable either to increase or decrease the amount , the circumstances that existed at the time of the prior order are compared to the present circumstances.

If there has been a change in amount of earned income, the cost of insurance, a change or termination in daycare expenses, or change in living expenses, modification may be warranted. If so, then the prior order is presumed unreasonable and unfair and a new amount of basic, medical and daycare child support should be ordered. Question: Can I get retroactive relief when I have overpaid? If you believe modification is warranted, you should immediately file a motion to change the ordered amount whether you seek to increase the obligation or decrease your obligation. If you are interested in further reading on Minnesota child support, see an excellent overview with questions and answers provided at the following link by author Lynn Aves:.

The following article is intended to provide a brief explanation of the legal grounds to recovering spousal maintenance alimony under Minnesota law. The statutory provision governing spousal maintenance is Minnesota Statute Section Upon the dissolution of any marriage in Minnesota and in legal separation proceedings, either party may petition for an award of spousal maintenance from their spouse. Marital misconduct is not considered when determining whether or not to grant spousal maintenance. Lacks sufficient property, including marital property apportioned to the spouse, to provide for reasonable needs of the spouse considering the standard of living established during the marriage, especially, but not limited to, a period of training or education, or.

Is unable to provide adequate self-support, after considering the standard of living established during the marriage and all relevant circumstances, through appropriate employment, or is the custodian of a child whose condition or circumstances make it appropriate that the custodian not be required to seek employment outside the home. The foregoing are considered "threshold" factors, in that the spouse requesting maintenance must satisfy either one of these two factors before a Court will consider awarding temporary or permanent spousal maintenance.

In addition, the spouse requesting maintenance must show they have a need for maintenance, after considering financial resources available from property awarded to them in the divorce or from other sources. If the Court decides that maintenance is appropriate, it will order payment of maintenance in amounts and for periods of time that it deems just, without regard to marital misconduct, and after considering all relevant factors.

Child Support

No mathematical formula is used by statute and the Court must assess the following factors in determining a just award:. The financial resources of the person seeking maintenance, including marital property apportioned to the person, and the person's ability to meet needs independently, including the extent to which a provision for support of a child living with the person includes a sum for that person as custodian;.

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The time necessary to acquire sufficient education or training to enable the person seeking maintenance to find appropriate employment, and the probability, given the person's age and skills, of completing education or training and becoming fully or partially self-supporting;. The standard of living established during the marriage;. The duration of the marriage and, in the case of a homemaker, the length of absence from employment and the extent to which any education, skills, or experience have become outmoded and earning capacity has become permanently diminished;.

The loss of earnings, seniority, retirement benefits, and other employment opportunities foregone by the spouse seeking spousal maintenance;. The age, and the physical and emotional condition of the spouse seeking maintenance;.

The ability of the spouse from whom maintenance is sought to meet needs while meeting those of the spouse seeking maintenance; and.