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Avoid Hostile Court Proceedings — Use Collaboration And Mediation

Transparent: In the Collaborative divorce process, you and your spouse agree to disclose honestly and completely all relevant information to the Professional team. Future-oriented : Collaborative divorce provides a better understanding of the issues that led up to your divorce, then focuses on how you both want to move forward rather than dwelling on the past.

Self-determined: : With the help of your Collaborative professionals you and your spouse determine the resolution that works best for you rather than leaving these very important decisions to the judge who gets only a glimpse of your family and its very specific needs. Affordable: Collaboration usually costs less in money, time, and emotional currency when compared to hiring adversarial lawyers and going to court.

Confidential : You are usually able to keep your private matters more private in a Collaborative divorce. Satisfying: Collaborative divorce often results in you and your spouse feeling more proactive and invested in your resolution and more satisfied about the process and the agreement in general.

Durable: If you have minor children of the marriage, your Collaborative divorce coach provides an ongoing resource to help you and your spouse co-parent as your children grow and mature.

What is a Collaborative Divorce? West Bend Divorce Attorney Linda Vanden Heuvel

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In the News. Toggle Sliding Bar Area. By deciding on issues like parenting time and custody, division of assets and debt and other issues, this process is streamlined and much less expensive for both parties involved. Most couples find that this collaborative method got them much of what they hoped for in the final settlement.

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They also felt less upset compared to those who endured the long legal battle of a traditional divorce. Kansas attorneys who possess the necessary training to conduct collaborative divorce services work hard to stay laser-focused on the end goal of a mutually beneficial settlement agreement.

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They communicate in ways that show no bias toward either party involved and strive to keep both parties communicating in a respectful and productive manner. The key factor to a successful collaborative divorce is having the willingness to communicate with your estranged spouse. This is why compassionate divorce attorneys with the ability to help keep you focused on the bigger picture are vital when attempting to dissolve your marriage this way. Southwest Kansas Collaborative Divorce Attorney. When faced with divorce, many think of the bitterly contested divorces they see and hear about on television, or what a family member may have gone through.

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How Collaborative Divorce Works Through collaboration, litigation becomes unnecessary and allows the couple to work with a collaborative divorce lawyer to create a fair divorce agreement.